5 Best Security Cameras For Daycare: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

So you have decided to buy security cameras for your daycare, but are not very clear on which product to choose? 

Security camera systems bring multiple advantages with them, which are helpful for homeowners and daycare owners. But, it’s not really easy to buy a security camera for your daycare. 

Let’s be real, buying technology-related items is not a child’s game. Since the market is flooded with several types of security cameras with intricate features that go beyond an average buyer, we’ve whipped up an article just for you. In this article, we’ll assist you in choosing the best security camera for your daycare. This article will leave you with newfound information, which will help you make an informed decision, such that no seller can fool you into buying a low-quality security camera at a premium price.

Quick Picks For The Best Security Cameras For Daycare

We have done all the research for the best security cameras for your convenience. The list of top picks is compiled after comparing the necessary features and reviews of customers.

Best overall: Swann Home Security Camera System Indoor/Outdoor Wired Surveillance

With 1080p HD video, nothing in your daycare will escape this camera’s sight. It comes with 8 cameras that can stand day and night to ensure nothing goes wrong. It has a heat & motion detection system that tops up the security game by ten folds. 

Runner up: ANRAN Wireless Security System with Night Vision

Equipped with night vision, its range goes beyond 60 feet, enabling it to capture everything even in complete darkness. Plus, with a 13” full HD 1080p LCD monitor NVR you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to the safety of your daycare. Enjoy 24/7 surveillance with this one.

Best budget: Wansview Wireless Security Camera for Baby/Pet/Nanny

With real-time motion detection alerts, you can receive videos on your phone to check what’s happening in your daycare. It has Financial Encryption Technology that locks away your valuable footage and keeps it away from misuse. Along with this, it has a 105 degrees wide-angle enhanced lens.

Our Review Process

We’ll let you in on a few secrets. How do you think we managed to stumble upon the best security cameras among countless products? We’ll explain. 

When talking about security cameras, safety is one thing you cannot compromise upon. For once, you could compromise on the price point by buying a premium security camera but safety is not an option. It is mandatory for the security camera to grant high-grade protection by providing real-time footage in immaculate quality.

Security cameras that did not meet our standards were quickly removed from our product selection. We made sure to check the market thoroughly while ensuring that these security cameras are ideal for a daycare. 

Therefore, after sieving the security cameras through an intensive selection process, we landed with 5 security cameras. It is safe to conclude that they are the best out there. 

Best Security Cameras for Daycare: Reviewed

1. Swann Home Security Camera System Indoor/Outdoor Wired Surveillance

Talking about Swann, we’re here to let you know that they don’t give out low-quality products. Their cameras are top-class, and we’ll let you know, how.

What makes this security camera system unique is its ease of use. You don’t have to get into the nitty-gritty of making this camera system work properly. With 1080p HD video, 8 cameras will protect your daycare like knights in shining armor. These cameras are manufactured to capture the minutest details in the frame. To enhance the security, connect the camera with Google Assistant or Alexa. You can ask Alexa to display, for example, your backdoor to make sure everything’s alright.

Plus, with a hard drive of 1TB, you can record and store endless footage without paying more for additional video storage. This is supported by heat and motion sensing that allows the camera to detect warm objects in the frame. This way you can protect your daycare from unwanted visitors and intruders.  

2. ANRAN Wireless Security System with Night Vision

Next up we have ANRAN’s top-notch wireless security camera system for your daycare. Let’s talk about its video quality first. You can use the 3MP high-definition camera that is equipped with 65F infrared night vision. This is to provide high-quality images so that you’re assured of the fact that your daycare is safe.

Moreover, with one-way audio, you can hear what’s happening in the daycare. Think of it like being there without being seen by anyone! This can grant you an edge over intruders. For additional features, download the ARCCTV free application on your mobile device and register an account. Thereafter, you can view live videos from anywhere. If you’re unavailable or occupied, you can allow multiple users to view the footage at once.

Along with smart night vision, you have the power of 18 IR LEDs by your side. This power-pack wireless camera will cover up to 65 feet of distance, enabling you to see even the farthest side of your daycare. Thanks to AI technology, the camera can effectively distinguish between moving animals or objects. It won’t disturb you with excessive notifications.

With a warranty of 3 years, ANRAN brings you 24-hour customer service. They promise to resolve any and all customer complaints in less than a day.

3. Wansview Wireless Security Camera for Baby/Pet/Nanny

The third camera in our article is ideal for buyers with strict budgets. But don’t worry, once we’re done with describing its features you will understand that this security camera is heavy-duty. Even though its price is economical the features are worth listening to.

First off, it can record and show footage in 1080p HD resolution. Wansview home camera provides smooth and clear footage at all times. The camera works well with 2.4G WiFi. You can connect it with Alexa and use the microphone and speaker to communicate with your family, friends, or anyone in the daycare. 

Along with this, it possesses a 105 degrees wide-angle lens. It also has 320 degrees horizontal and 80 degrees vertical rotation range. This will create a full 360-degree angle for you to watch everything in plain sight. The 4X digital zoom helps you zoom in when needed. Don’t worry, the pixels won’t explode upon zoom, keeping the picture clear.

With motion detection alerts by your side, Wansview records and sends videos of 10 seconds. Just open the Wansview cloud application to make sure everything’s fine in the daycare. 

4. XVIM 1080P H.264 Home Wired Security Cameras System

In the security camera industry, XVIM is a strong contender for the crown of the best security camera. You ask why? For starters, it provides guaranteed safety with 24/7 monitoring. The camera has a built-in IR Cut Filter that will grant you immaculate clarity when it comes to footage. To top this off, its night vision goes up to a staggering 85 feet, which is enough to see whether your daycare is safe or not.

Moving on with the features, the XVIM supports both Android and iOS devices, and just by downloading the application and scanning the QR code, you can download the application to set up a detection zone to reduce the repetition of false alarms.

Motion detection will record and send push notifications through email if it senses an object moving in the area. If you’re bothered by the sensitivity then that can always be reduced from your DVR. With a warranty of 1 year, you have nothing to worry about. 

5. ZOSI H.265+8CH 5 MP Home Security Camera System

The last on our list is none other than ZOSI. It packs a powerful punch with its advanced motion detection feature. What makes ZOSI unique is its H.265 technology. This can double the data compression ratio, which increases the storage space and allows you to have long recordings.

Furthermore, this security camera is ideal for daycare because it can record up to 80ft with its night vision, and it utilizes high-quality ABS materials to avoid rust. Hence, you can install it outside or inside the daycare for protection throughout the day and night. With the IR-CUT filter, the camera system can successfully record even at night. Say goodbye to old-age technology that fails you at night! 

Don’t forget to install the free application of Zosi to keep a check on all of your cameras. 

How To Choose The Best Security Cameras For Your Daycare

Now that we are through with the product reviews, we can talk about the in-depth features that go into a security camera. So the million-dollar question is: what goes into the best security camera? Does it come with high-tech technology that allows the camera to see through walls? Unfortunately, we’re still far from such technology. But as a buyer, you should be aware of the factors that one should keep in mind when buying a security camera for a daycare.

Video Resolution

One of the first things you should take a look at is the video resolution of the security cameras. Most security cameras these days come with 1080p resolution. But, how long can they maintain this? And what about the conditions they are placed in?

Most buyers don’t know that while the security camera can record videos in 1080p, this does not go for all conditions. For a security camera to churn 1080p resolution it should be supported with a stable WiFi connection. This is just one factor that goes into it.

Secondly, you can think of the 1080p resolution mark as the limit of the security camera. This is as high as it can go. However, there’s another factor that goes into this. For example, if the camera is unable to provide footage in 1080p then at the very least it should support flexible video resolution. This will enable you to view footage much clearer. At the end of the day, the resolution isn’t everything. 

Distance and Zoom

Speaking of footage, how big is the daycare? This question is important, so make sure you’re aware of the total area before you buy your security camera. Let’s say, if the camera can see up to 50ft and your area is larger than that then this would destroy the purpose of a security camera. 

You can set up multiple cameras in one place to cover the whole area, but then your camera system should have an ample amount of cameras. Ideally, you should go for a security camera system that has the feature of zoom, which facilitates you to inspect someone or something better, when required. Also, the pixels should not explode the moment you zoom otherwise you won’t be able to see clearly.

Motion Detection & Alerts

These days everyone has a smartphone by their side. Most security cameras support Android and iOS devices, and they have their very own application that enhances your experience. Downloading the application will open a whole new world of features for your convenience. 

Your security camera system should have a swift motion detection system. It should have AI technology that can differentiate between moving objects, animals, and people through heat signatures. This will reduce the chances of errors. In case there is an emergency, the system should inform you through immediate notifications.


Is night vision necessary for a security camera system?

Yes, it is. That’s why most manufacturers create camera systems that are equipped with night vision. It is true that night vision may increase the price of the security camera but it’s worth it. What you’re looking for is 24/7 protection, and night vision will grant you that.

How much will a decent security camera system cost?

You can find a decent security camera system at an economical price, but you may have to give up some additional features such as an email alert system or expanded data storage. 

Are pricey security camera systems worth it?

To be honest, everything boils down to your needs. Some people like to spend on their safety and security, and there’s no denying that premium security cameras offer them high-grade security. They cost top dollar, but they create convenience for the customer. The market has security cameras of differing prices, but the question is what features are you looking for?