About Us

At homesecurityempire.com, we believe that security is a fundamental right that should be accessible and easily understood by the masses. We create content that helps our readers create safer lives for themselves and their family.

Our Mission

The home security industry is cluttered with unhelpful and biased online content. It is our mission to simplify and explain everything home security to our readers in a manner that makes it simple to understand. We also strive to create content that is practical and can be implemented by people belonging to all spheres of society.

How We Create Content

At homesecurityempire.com, we have a team of expert security advisors who contribute as staff writers to our website. We also have security analysts who keep an eye on growing crime trends and safety threats to help us inform our readers and create up-to-date helpful content.

All of our content is researched thoroughly and we aim to keep it fact-based at all times. We also review and recommend security products on homesecurityempire.com, for which we analyze their usage under various use cases and review real customer data and response to help create our content. All the products recommended on our website have been thoroughly researched and vetted by our expert security advisors and analysts to make sure they fulfill our safety guidelines and requirements. However, if our readers have any suggestions or recommendations on our content, we urge them to contact us so our editorial team can have a look.

What We Stand For

Safety for Everyone: We believe that everyone deserves to live a safer life. At homesecurityempire.com, we are challenging the status-quo and trying to secure every household.

Simple Content: We do not believe in complicating safety. Our editorial staff spends hundreds of hours creating content that’s simple and boils it down to practicality and real-life use cases.

Top-Notch Research: When it comes to content, we prefer quality over quantity. Staff writers are advised to spend as many paid hours of their time to research for the content on this site. Our senior security experts also thoroughly update old content to keep our information and recommendations fresh and up-to-date.

Trust and Care: The biggest value that we stand for is trust. Our home security experts spend hours researching for content to make sure it’s accurate and relevant. In the complex world of home security, we wish to be a sincere and trustworthy voice.

What We Write About

Although our main focus is home security, we also create content on home automation, identity theft, travel security, digital safety and more. For that, we create the following types of content:

  • Safety guides
  • Listicles
  • Staff product recommendations
  • News
  • Product comparisons
  • Product reviews