7 Best Flood Lights With Motion Sensors: Reviews & Buying Guide

Floodlights with motion sensors are more than just an illumination solution; they’re a proactive step toward fortifying the safety and security of your home. These versatile fixtures come in a plethora of designs and sizes, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every aesthetic and functional need. But beyond the curb appeal, the real magic lies in their ability to detect movement and light up your property’s exterior automatically. This visibility serves as a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential intruders from venturing any closer to your home.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home’s exterior is always visible, even when you’re not there to keep an eye on it. The motion sensors ensure that the floodlights are energy-efficient, activating only when needed. This smart feature not only conserves energy but also adds an element of surprise, catching unwanted visitors off guard and increasing the chances of them retreating.

In a world where safety can never be overemphasized, investing in motion sensor floodlights is akin to hiring a 24/7 security guard for your property. It’s a simple yet highly effective way to ramp up your home’s security measures, making it a less appealing target for any would-be intruders. So, light up your life and lock in your safety with this intelligent, practical, and empowering home improvement choice. Take control, be proactive, and give yourself the gift of security and peace of mind.

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Quick Picks For The Best Flood Lights With Motion Sensors 

Don’t have time to read the full reviews? Here are our top recommendations: 

Best Overall:
RAB Super Stealth Bullet Floods
The LED bulbs offer complete detection that provides the largest radio frequency immunity.
Best Budget Option:
Misbee 100W Led Motion Sensor Light 
It comes with a powerful cooling system that extends the lamp bead’s life for a long time.
Best Solar Flood Light with Motion Sensor:
NIORSUN Waterproof Solar Powered Light
 Remote-operated and waterproof, it’s a perfect floodlight for stadiums and parking lots.
Brightest Security Light with Motion Sensor:
Startle Security Light 
Its on-guard motion detection can startle a stranger with swift detection and brightness. 

Our Review Process  

Our team is particular about researching and finding real-time customer experiences. We look into expert reviews for all our products. 

Before narrowing it down to a select few, we analyzed 30 popular flood lights in the market. Each of the products listed in this article has specialized model features. 

We have categorized the floodlights based on their purpose and performance. Besides that, we scanned all previous and upcoming floodlight models available. As a result, it helped us cherry-pick products that work best to secure your home, especially in dark or poorly lit neighborhoods.

Best Flood Lights With Motion Sensors: Reviewed  

Floodlights are intense, broad-beamed lights that have various purposes. They can light up your backyard—or provide protection and comfort. Whatever your plans are, you’ll need some of the best floodlights with motion sensors out there.

We’ve already done the legwork, so you don’t have to. Keep reading to see our recommendations for the best flood lights on the market!

1. RAB Lighting STL360HBW Super Stealth 360 Sensor

If you are looking for a pre-wired stealth sensor, RAB lighting could be your choice of light. Its highlight features offer an adjustable operation that you can use for 24 hours. Besides, it deactivates during daylight and can minimize false triggers. As a result, you don’t have to worry about getting alerts just for a squirrel’s visit. 

Over the product life, the LED bulbs can save you tons of power. If you compare this fixture to those available at Home Depot or Lowes, they’re apples and oranges. The quality of the craftsmanship is hands-down better with this RAB light.

2. Missbee 100W LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

The Missbee design meets commercial requirements and is waterproof. This makes it ideal for home security lighting with a motion sensor. 

You don’t have to worry about the light being too hot. This is because of the use of the proprietary ceramic heat dissipation technology and hollow-out design. This engineering will last a very long time for you. 

It can light up your entire backyard with super-efficient LED lights. That’s more than enough light to use outdoors as a safety precaution. The product is designed in a manner that it can help you save money on your energy bill.

3. NIORSUN Motion Sensor Dusk to Dawn Solar Light 

If you need an on-street floodlight to brighten up a smaller field rather than a large area, the NIORSUN may be the answer. It has a solar panel that starts charging even before the sun reaches it with the bright ambient light. 

The motion sensor is outstanding and stretches far enough to detect movement from 20 to 30 feet away. The light changes the intensity of brightness to the highlight mode on motion detection.  

The four different light setting options help you adjust the light as per your requirements.

With wing nuts and bolts included, the installation of these lights is a breeze.

4. Startle Security Light 

An intruder gains an unfair advantage by having a clear visual path right to the window. Startle, on the other hand, is an effective way to discourage committed offenders. It doesn’t just protect your family, but also it is eco-friendly and helps save you electricity. It has LED bulbs that last for around 25 years. 

Imagine never needing to adjust a bulb by climbing a risky ladder again. It’s perfect for offices, parks, military and law enforcement agencies, and homeowners.

5. LED Solar Area Flood Light

These security lights are a class ahead when it comes to protecting your environment. Their all-in-one nature and cutting-edge lighting technology remain unparalleled. The LED lights provide continuous light on a single full charge. In all honesty, these are commercial solar-powered street lights. 

They are an inexpensive, low-maintenance choice for businesses and private households. With top-notch motion sensors, it is a great buy with different brightness levels.

6. TENKOO Dusk to Dawn Wireless Solar Powered LED Pole Lamp

Floodlights are usually brighter and cast a wider path of light. TENKOO Floodlight is an unbeatable product if you want to illuminate your entire yard. Unlike other products, this bright motion sensor light is entirely customizable. Even on your street, the long sensing range can detect movement.

It’s wireless, simple to set up, waterproof, dustproof, and long-lasting. It saves the atmosphere, and there is no waste or huge energy bill. It catches a lot of light throughout the day and brightly shines all night. The light’s coverage area and lumen output will both meet your expectations.

7. WYWNA 1800W Solar, Parking Lot Light

Looking to brighten up your outdoor space with a lighting solution that’s both efficient and convenient? The WYWNA Solar Street Lights Outdoor is here to impress. Unlike older models, this solar light offers 4-side lighting, illuminating a 180° range, giving you more coverage on those dark nights. Its big size, 32×22 inches, houses a 35W solar panel and a high-capacity 30000mAh battery, ensuring longer illumination.

But that’s not all! It’s equipped with a motion sensor that defaults to dusk-to-dawn mode, providing 25% brightness that jumps to 100% when motion is detected. Imagine the convenience and added security!

Worried about installation? Fear not! This solar light requires no wiring and can be installed in just 3 simple steps. Plus, it’s waterproof, so rain or thunder won’t be an issue.

For a hassle-free, wide-ranging, and energy-efficient lighting solution for your garden, yard, or road, the WYWNA Solar Street Lights Outdoor is the smart choice. It’s time to step into the future of outdoor lighting!

How To Choose The Best Flood Lights For Motion Sensors 

There are many things to consider when purchasing a floodlight for your protection. These include brightness, detection, durability, and other additional features.


For the volume of light produced by a floodlight, lumens are the measurement of the unit. It refers to the brightness, volume, and visible light produced by a light bulb. A typical 40-watt (40W) bulb produces 400 lumens or more. The higher the wattage, the more lumens are made, and therefore the more light is produced.

The brighter the lights, the safer your space will be. Motion sensor flood lights use between 300 and 700 lumens. Since these lights have a range of brightness, the brightness can vary. The level of brightness in the normal course may be 50% that what it is when an object passes along its course, they also illuminate the area. 

Floodlights used to illuminate a pathway need fewer lumens. While area lights, as the name indicates, need more lumens to provide brighter and more general lighting. 

A lot of the lumen specifications determine the location for lighting. And the light’s primary function. If you want to put a light in a dark field, you’ll need more lumens. Invest in a lamp that emits fewer lumens if you want the light to be less intense.


A motion sensor is the backbone of your protection system. It senses when someone is in your home when they shouldn’t be. Motion sensors stand watch, ready to respond to a variety of events, such as movement in your living room, the opening or closing of windows or doors, or the breaking of a glass. 

Some common functions of motion sensors include:

  • Notifying when your teen goes out after curfew
  • Triggering a doorbell when someone reaches the front door
  • Using motion sensor lighting in unoccupied areas to save electricity
  • Alerting you when your children enter prohibited areas of the house
  • Informing you if your pets wander into places they aren’t supposed to be

Motion sensors aren’t just a nice-to-have feature in a security system. They’re also essential. There would be no way to identify intruders without sensors. 


Looking for a credible light with a strong illumination angle can be challenging. Hence, choosing an outdoor flood light with extended coverage is worth considering. 

Some flood lights are waterproof. Regardless of the weather condition, they are perfect for outdoor settings. Furthermore, they are FCC certified, which ensures their reliability and durability.

Floodlights with a rating of up to 50K lighting hours are long-lasting and reliable. It will provide you with a high-quality performance that lasts a long time. It not only adds protection to your house but also allows you to purchase a long-lasting floodlight.

In terms of giving customers peace of mind, a floodlight with a one-year warranty goes a long way. Some companies also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for any defective part. A floodlight made from the highest quality material is worth the investment for your home.

Additional Features 

Security is a top priority for every resident or company, and you can’t be at ease if someone isn’t keeping an eye on it. Floodlights with surveillance cameras can keep an eye on your property from anywhere.

A camera mounted on a floodlight may provide extensive coverage. As a result, there is no need to buy additional cameras. Moreover, some floodlights come with pre-installed solar panels. This not only drops your energy bills to zero but also helps you contribute towards a greener environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motion sensor lights worth the cost?

Motion detectors track heat waves to detect moving objects.  Unlike the normal lights which stay on all the time, they illuminate the space only when there is movement in their area of coverage, remaining on standby the rest of the time.  This leads to lesser power consumption.
It’s crucial to consider where you’ll use the motion sensor lights.  Using them in the backyard or a bathroom is a good idea. 
When used in open spaces like the backyard or the porch, the motion-activated lights also add to the security measures for the house.  
Looking at all these advantages, we can safely say that the motion sensor lights are worth the cost.

How do I choose outdoor motion sensor lights? 

Depending on the power source you plan, there are different flood lights available. Your required brightness level is another telltale sign for choosing your light. Some flood lights can light up your deck, while some are best for driveways. Subject to your budget, you can select an outdoor light that fits your needs. 

What are the best outdoor security lights?

Floodlights are the perfect lights for outdoor security lighting. Floodlights project a vivid wide beam across a large area. Hence, illuminating parts of your yard or driveway. Motion-activated lights are more effective as they light up only when anything moves within their field of vision, which is usually inside a building or in the immediate vicinity.

Do motion sensor lights deter burglars? 

Stopping a burglar from breaking into their homes should be a top priority for homeowners. Burglars in populated areas deter by motion sensor lights, particularly because they avoid being a target. If you live in an underpopulated area, simply using lights might not be an efficient and effective security measure. As part of a variety of preventive methods, we recommend motion sensor lights. 
You can, however, avoid keeping your lights switched on all night. In certain situations, this will assist a criminal in learning your schedule. And determining when you will be absent from home.

Does keeping a floodlight on deter burglars? 

Burglaries are distressing activities that can be financially and emotionally draining. You can use a variety of techniques to keep criminals out of your house. Motion sensor lights can be an effective way to deter thieves in certain areas. Especially if you live in a densely populated area.
On the other hand, they are often most effective when combined with a variety of additional steps. Such as timing the lights and keeping the radio on. It would be best if you reduced the chances of your home being a possible target,by taking necessary precautions.