5 Best Security Cameras With Audio: Reviewed

Security camera systems are the need of the hour. Since you have decided to get one, it only makes sense to use high-powered security camera systems with features that prevent any unwanted visitor from getting inside your personal space.

You’d have reached this blog after being unable to decide the right product by looking at many options available. The best security cameras are not found with ease. But we’re here to help you with it. Our article will assist you in finding the right product for you. 

Security cameras with good audio are necessary. Why, though? Well, primarily because you want to hear what’s going on in your house and second, you want to communicate with your visitors, without having to open the doors. This is only possible if the security camera system has an audio feature with it. Let’s head over to our quick picks.

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Quick Picks For The Best Security Cameras With Audio

This section exists to ease your confusion regarding the best security cameras out there. You can trust these cameras to have remarkable audio quality, and since they’re all manufactured by top-class companies you don’t need to worry in case anything goes wrong with the security camera systems.

Best overall:
Hiseeu Security Camera System with 1-Way Audio
Hiseeu comes in with its 8CH 5MP POE Dome camera system. This shows clear footage in 1080P resolution
with a bullet camera and an add-on dome camera. With built-in 1-way audio, this security camera system works
exceptionally well for homeowners.
Best Budget:
Wansview Wireless Security Camera with 2 Way Audio and Night Vision
It possesses the ability to display footage in 1080P HD resolution and night vision that enables you to see even
in the dark. Besides, the two-way audio will allow you to freely communicate with your loved ones. You can use
Alexa to unlock new and exciting features. 
Best Outdoor:
Arlo Ultra Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System with 2-Way Audio
Arlo has immaculate UHD video quality to offer along with the zoom feature. This is possible because of Arlo’s
ultra 4K & HDR advanced technology. With a 180 degree diagonal field of view, you can cover a wider angle. 

Our Review Process

How did we stumble upon these cameras? Was it magic? Or perhaps research? If you chose the second option you’ve hit the bullseye.

Rest assured, all of the products mentioned in the article are equipped with the audio feature. They enable you to hear what’s happening at your house. Let’s say you’re looking for a nanny cam to see whether your baby is in safe hands or not. The security camera system with audio will enable you to hear everything. Security cameras with 2-way audio will allow you to even communicate with your child! That’s how far technology has come. So you don’t need to worry about your family anymore by calling them every once in a while to check on them. Just watch live video from your security camera system while you’re away.

Our selection criteria stressed on shortlisting only those security cameras that have the audio feature. Furthermore, these cameras are worth their price, not only because they are the best in the market, but they also have a number of positive reviews from actual users. They can provide high-grade safety by giving you a full display of your house. To put it simply, you can select any of the cameras listed below, and be assured of them being the best in class.

Best Security Cameras: Reviewed

1. Hiseeu Security Camera System with 1-Way Audio

Our first product deserves to be called the best overall because of its jaw-dropping features. Hiseeu marks its worth with its convenience. Just plug an Ethernet and your setup is done. This is especially important for beginners and people who aren’t well-versed with technology. No more dangling wires! Along with this, the company provides a 1-month return and exchange service and a 60-days money-back guarantee. In case you have any complaints feel free to contact the customer service department to clear your confusions.

Furthermore, it can provide 24/7 video and audio recording thanks to its 5MP PoE dome cameras. They’re waterproof so rest assured you don’t have to cover them in rain. With built-in 1-way audio and sound support, you can hear clear voices to further convince you that your family is safe and sound. 

In case you feel like going a step ahead, Hiseeu also supports remote access. Just download your XMeye Pro free mobile application (without any cost) and access the footage remotely (you will need an internet connection for this to work).

2. Wansview Wireless Security Camera with 2 Way Audio and Night Vision

Our next product tanks in with a plethora of unique features. With tilt and zoom features, you can watch live footage without leaving an inch of sight. What can reduce a security camera’s usefulness is its blind spots. With Wansview, there’s no such thing. Its 105 degrees wide-angle enhanced lens possesses up to 320 degrees horizontal and 80 degrees vertical rotation range. This ensures a complete 360-degree coverage – preventing blind spots that intruders usually take advantage of.

What’s more, is that you can use the 4X digital zoom to enlarge the video. This will enable you to view the details in greater detail. As a homeowner, the company understands that you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. This is possible with Wansview’s security camera! 

This camera will also protect you in the dark. The 4 pcs 940nm IR LEDs present crisp black and white pictures even in the dark (up to 5 meters). And in case there’s trouble the motion direction alert system will instantly send a video of 10 seconds to your phone. Make sure you download their free application to avail this feature. Plus, if you’re worried about data security then don’t worry because this camera is backed by technology that safeguards even your data privacy.

3. Arlo Ultra Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System with 2-Way Audio

Want to know why Arlo’s camera system is a work of art? We’ll be glad to tell you why. With enhanced night vision you can now witness your internal and external surroundings at night. What’s more is that you can view real-time video in natural colors, not black and white. And in case you want to communicate with your loved ones, use the 2-way audio feature and talk with them to your heart’s content while you’re away.

This comes with high-quality UHD video quality that enables you to zoom in and see clear details. With a 180 degree diagonal field of view, you can keep an eye on a wider angle, and don’t forget to zoom in, in case there’s something fishy in the frame. Speaking of fish, the camera system can successfully reduce the fish-eye effect with its auto image correction feature. All of this makes the security camera system a must-have. 

4. LaView Indoor Security Cameras with Two-Way Audio 

Available in both black and white colors, this product comes in heavy with its motion detection feature. What makes this camera ideal for indoors is its ability to detect changes in the atmosphere instantly. The motion detection feature is supported by an intelligent motion alerts feature that will send messages to your phone. Through the built-in anti-noise mic and speaker, two-way conversation is possible.

Don’t worry about your footage, because this security camera has cloud storage and a built-in microSD slot. All of your videos will be safe, and only you can access old recordings through the application. Install this security camera in your bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen. It takes less space compared to other cameras and records with a large field of view. 

5. Blink Mini Compact Indoor Smart Security Camera with Two-way audio

We don’t recommend you judge the security camera by its size. With 1080p HD resolution, this security camera is no less in features as compared to any other in the market. You can monitor all the areas of your house, both indoor and outdoor, with ease.

Both the camera and the motion detection system work in tandem, firing an alert to your mobile device, immediately when suspicious activity is recorded. You can store footage for up to 30-days (thanks to the trial). With 2-way audio, you can hear and talk to people in your house through your smartphone.

This camera is ideal for people who are looking for quick and easy setups. Just plug in the camera and then you have to connect it to your wifi. Add it to the Blink app and you’re all done! You can also pair it with Alexa to optimize your security.

How To Choose The Best Security Cameras with Audio

The question that has to be asked is, how does one actually decide that this is the best security camera for them? Well, you have to take a look at a number of factors which we will discuss below. This buying guide will enable you to understand what goes into the best security camera, and why people prefer one or two products over multiple security cameras in the market. 

Overall Quality

What really grinds a buyer’s gears is when they bring a new product to their house, they expect it to work but it gives them little to nothing in return. We don’t want that to happen with you, ever. Finding a decent security camera at an economical price is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. Your security camera should not lose its quality with time. By overall quality, we mean that the camera should not compromise on anything. If it provides 2-way audio then the audio should be crisp and smooth. If it provides night vision then this feature should be top-notch as well. 

Audio Feature

Speaking of audio, let’s talk a bit about what you would find in the best security camera. Ideally, your security camera should have no problem in allowing you to hear what’s happening at your house. If the audio is cluttered and you can only hear the extra noise then that defeats the purpose of the audio feature.

The camera system should cancel out extra noise while helping you hear that, what is of actual importance. If it has two-way audio then it should allow you to communicate freely with your family. Some security cameras come with free applications that make listening and speaking possible.

Free Applications

You don’t want to involve yourself with paid applications that cost you extra money to unlock additional features of the camera system. A decent security camera will have an application that is totally free. The application should optimize your experience, so it should be fast and convenient. It should also be easy to use, especially for people who aren’t that familiar with the technology.

Video Resolution and Camera Angle

When it comes to video resolution, the security camera should flawlessly grant clear quality video at all times. It should not lag or freeze from time to time, which can make you worry about your loved ones.

The camera angle should be wide enough to display a huge portion. It shouldn’t fixate on one place because then you may have to set up multiple cameras in one room or at one place.


The ideal security camera system should have a decent warranty and a guarantee by the seller. If the security camera system is without a warranty, then we recommend you steer clear of such products.


Should a security camera record at all times?

Some security cameras become active when they detect changes in the environment while others can record 24/7. Continuous video recording is a common feature in security cameras these days.

Can a security camera operate without wifi?

While it’s true that there are security cameras that can work effortlessly without an active internet connection, you may need one in case you want to access the footage remotely.

Is it true that security cameras consume a lot of data?

Not really. However, if the camera system is connected to the wifi and the cloud, it can take up a considerable amount of your bandwidth and data. But of course, nothing is more important than the security of you and your family.