Best Security Cameras With iPhone (iOS) Apps

Lately, you’ve been watching the news and the increasing number of crimes in your area are concerning, to say the least. We understand why you worry, and your decision to finally invest in a security camera system to watch over your house all day long.

Security cameras these days come with all sorts of features, from simple ones like night vision to enhanced zooming features that enable people to witness footage in greater detail. What makes this experience better is the inclusion of smartphone applications, particularly for IOS users. Manufacturers realized that they can optimize convenience and security by allowing people to pair security cameras with their iOS devices.

This works extremely well because now people can check on their house in a couple of seconds. Just open the application, and receive access to all sorts of features and controls. But, there’s no denying that buying a security camera is not easy. That’s where we pitch in. Our article will enable you to get your hands on the best security cameras with IOS applications.

Quick Picks For The Best Security Cameras With iPhone (iOS) Apps

This part exists for your convenience as a buyer. Our quick picks section will allow you to take a glance over the best security cameras we have gathered for you after our fair share of research. By the time you’re through this section, you will have clarity like never before.

Best overall: ANRAN Wireless Security Camera System with IOS support

With high-definition pictures and videos, ANRAN makes the way in our quick picks section. It has 65f infrared night vision, and night vision with motion detection to improve your home security. 

Best budget: Wansview Wireless Security Camera with Alexa

Wansview is an excellent choice when it comes to indoor security camera systems. With 1080P HD resolution, you can watch high-quality footage all day long wherever you want. It has two-way audio that you can pair up with Alexa along with motion detection and a smart alert system. 

Best outdoor: COOAU Outdoor Security Camera with iOS support

This security camera has 2-way audio and remote access that you can enable through the application. It shows footage in 1080P resolution and has night vision to offer. Plus, it’s waterproof.

Our Review Process

When it comes to security cameras, the options and choices are so abundant that it’s easy for the average buyer to get confused. With that being said every buyer has their ideal security camera in their mind. 

After doing our research we found these security cameras to be the best. To offer a variety, we made sure to include security cameras with different features. All of the cameras are unique in their way, and they offer something that other security cameras don’t. So if you are looking for a security camera, then look nowhere else because we’ve got you covered. 

Best Security Cameras With iPhone Apps

For you to save time and effort, we’ve nitpicked the best security cameras with iPhone apps for your convenience. Safe to say, they’re the finest lot in the market

1. ANRAN Wireless Security Camera System With IOS support

When it comes to quality security cameras, ANRAN’s name scores high. It is equipped with 18 IR LEDs, which enable you to view images and videos in crisp quality. This is supplemented by PAN180 and a 3MP high-definition camera. 

Apart from this, ANRAN has smart night vision and motion detection. These features make it a high-quality wireless camera. AI technology can successfully distinguish between humans, animals, and objects.

Let’s talk about its application for a bit. You can download the free application ARCCTV from your App Store and after registering an account, add your device ID and view live videos whenever you feel the need to take a look at your house. 

Unfortunately, though, the application does not seem to bode well with all the users. The ratings indicate that the application does its job, but it could use some improvements here and there. 

Nevertheless, the security camera is a fine addition to your home if you want to strengthen your home’s security.

2. Wansview Wireless Security Camera With Alexa

Let’s head over to our second product, Wansview’s wireless security camera system. It has a 1080P HD resolution, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the video. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your house at all times. What makes this camera system unique is its 360 degrees coverage. Not many security cameras in the market have this feature. This will enable you to watch the whole place without missing a spot. 

To add on, it also can zoom in on pictures, and that too, in their natural colors. Say goodbye to black and white pictures in the dark!

Talking about the application, most of the user’s respond positively to it. They say that the application supplements and supports the security camera almost to perfection. The application opens a whole new world of features for the person to use. 

However, some say that there are some connectivity issues and the programmers could work a bit on fixing hardware and software issues. 

You can avail this power-packed security camera with its features at an economical price. 

3. COOAU Outdoor Security Camera With iOS support

COOAU’s outdoor security camera is waterproof, it can work through rain and harsh weather and make it look like child’s play. It has smart motion detection and activity alerts that will strengthen your confidence in the fact that your house is safe. Communicate with your family by using 2-way audio and watch crisp footage in 1080P HD resolution all day long.

Coming in strong with a 2-megapixels 3.6mm lens, this outdoor camera is designed to offer colorful and bright images during the daytime. What about nighttime? Well, we thought you’d never ask. When the sun goes down the security camera engages infrared lights, and uses its night vision function to operate even in the darkest of nights. Its range goes up to a staggering 65 feet, which is enough to protect your house from intruders.

With smart motion detection and activity alerts, you will receive instant alerts (in the form of videos) through the MIPC application. You can view these videos on your iOS devices with ease.

Unfortunately, the application does not have a lot of reviews and ratings to decide whether it supports the camera system or not. The limited ratings, however, signal that the application needs improvement. The application fails to connect with the camera that well and does not offer convenience to its users.

4. LawView Security Camera With Alexa And iOS 

With 1080P resolution and night vision, this security camera will guard your house day and night like a knight. It has a 2.1-megapixel resolution that will ensure crisp quality footage of your house. With advanced IR night vision that can go up to 33 feet, you can rest peacefully inside knowing that there’s no potential intruder in your house. 

It also has motion detection and two-way audio. Now you can receive instant alerts whenever the security camera finds something worthy of suspicion in the frame. Thanks to the two-way audio feature you can listen and talk to your family with ease.

Download the application through the app store and stream 24/7 from your mobile device. Speaking of the application, unlike several applications out there this security camera’s application is like a diamond compared to others. It has a remarkable rating, and the users comment that the application complements the security camera almost too well, making it worth its price point.

5. AOOGD Security Camera Outdoor iOS Compatible

Our final product is by AOOGD. Their security camera can stand by for a long time. Since it’s wireless and battery-powered, you don’t have to plug it anywhere. The battery lasts 1-4 months on the low consumption mode and you only need to charge it a few times over a whole year.

With a PIR sensor, it has motion detection and can avoid false alarms. This truly makes it a smart security camera. Since it has IP65, it’s completely waterproof. Temperatures ranging from 20C to 50C are not a problem for this security camera.

Enjoy watching 1080p HD video and night vision along with two-way audio. It supports up to 128GB TF-card (not included) and allows sharing of videos as well. 

Download the Adorcam application from the App Store. The application has mixed reviews. Although the rating is on the lower side, some comment that settings can be changed easily and the camera can even detect a bird that’s flying by. 

Meanwhile, some say that the application needs major improvement and there are connection issues that disturb the whole experience of using an application.

How To Choose The Best Security Cameras With iPhone (IOS) Apps

Having an application for your security camera system is no big deal these days. Since most of the cameras come with this feature, we’ll take this as a basic feature. Let’s talk a little bit about the factors that you, as a buyer, should keep in mind before purchasing a security camera.

Safety And Security

Here, we’re not talking about the security and safety that the camera provides. But we’re talking about the security of your videos and footage. Ideally, security cameras should have a firm grip on their footage. Since the footage is of your house it would be extremely dangerous in case it gets in the hands of a stranger.

The security camera’s application should be strong enough to ensure the privacy of your footage. In the market, there are security cameras with strong applications. They allow setting up an access system through which access to your data can be limited to persons that you approve.


The application should be easy and convenient to use. It should not take a lot of time for you to access the application. The software should be fairly easy to understand. A complex application won’t cut it because not everyone understands the technology that well. 

Speaking of convenience, the application should always complement the security camera. It should send instant videos and/or images in case it has motion detection and alert system (which most do these days). If this procedure is slow or if there are connection issues then the application should be worked upon. 

Motion Detection

We brushed motion detection above, didn’t we? Let’s dissect it a little more. Motion detection should be smart, backed by AI technology. What this means is, it shouldn’t send alerts or notifications every once in a while. Only to find that there’s a squirrel that the security camera mistook for an intruder. There are many security camera systems with poor motion detection, therefore it is not wrong to say that finding a security camera system with decent motion detection is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

If the motion detection system is advanced, it will easily distinguish between humans, animals, and moving objects. And chances are, it would then disturb the user less frequently. 


Do I need to pay for the application to work?

Not really. Most security cameras have free applications. Their functions are free to use as well. However, some have advanced options and features that are on a trial period. Once the trial ends you may need to pay to continue using that feature.

Does the application consume a lot of data?

It depends. If the security camera monitors and provides real-time footage 24/7 and your notifications are running in the background then it can consume data and your smartphone’s charging as well. Turning off these notifications would defeat the purpose of an application.

Is motion detection important?

Well, yes it is. Motion detection can pick up heat signatures in the environment. It can then inform the user if there’s something they should worry about. Without motion detection, the security camera will have reduced effectiveness.