5 Best Security Cameras with Local and Cloud Storage

When a buyer enters the market for security cameras, it is safe to say that they will leave baffled. Because of the variety of security cameras and their features, choosing the best one can be tedious. A security camera with local and cloud storage is ideal for a homeowner who is trying to safeguard his vicinity. 

In order to help you find the best security cameras with local and cloud storage out there, we have compiled some of the best products that the market has to offer. 

Quick Picks for the Best Security Cameras With Local and Cloud Storage

We understand how difficult it is for buyers to find the right product out there. Inevitably, all buyers end up confused because they don’t know which product suits them the best. That’s why our top pick section exists. It will offer you some clarity regarding products.

Best overall: VACOS, Wireless Security Camera Battery Powered with Local & Cloud Storage

With quick installation, VACOS is an all-around beast when it comes to security cameras. It grants 1080P crisp color coverage, and with 16 GB of cloud storage, you can use AI human detection feature to enhance your security.

Best outdoor: Blurams Security Camera Outdoor Pro 1080P with Local and Cloud Storage

Blurams comes up with an amazing outdoor security camera. With smart detection and facial recognition features, your home is safe from intruders. It also has smart integration and voice command to live stream live footage. Its starlight night vision makes it an excellent choice for an outdoor camera. 

Best budget: Conico Indoor Camera with Night Vision, Local and Cloud Storage powered

Conico has a 1080P HD Camera to offer at this economical price. With its motion and sound detection feature, you can ramp up your security by ten folds. It is backed by cloud and SD card storage.

Our Review Process

These security cameras prove their worth when it comes to safeguarding homes. With the protection they offer, you can rest easy while allowing them to bear through the weather outside. In all honesty, though, buyers can still get confused. Because at the end of the day all they want is a security camera that does what it says. 

But don’t worry, you don’t have to go through the intense selecting process because we have cut out the work for you. After carefully going through the market, and handpicking only the best ones out there we present you these products.

All of the products in our article have passed our selection criteria. Ideally, we looked for security cameras that are worth their buck. Furthermore, we erased all of the products from our final picks that could jeopardize your home security. Rest assured, these cameras are designed to offer you safety. They mimic Hawks in their work and are equipped to deal with any intruder who is trying to seek access to your house. Finally, after nitpicking the products from a handful we came to the conclusion that these are the best ones that the market has to offer.

Best Security Cameras: Reviewed

1. VACOS Wireless Security Camera

Our first product is by VACOS. Their devices are true utility cameras. This security camera is built for those who are looking for easy and convenient installation. It takes less than 5 minutes to install it completely.

Not only this, but it also has 1080P colorful coverage, even in pitch-black darkness. Now you can watch what’s happening outside even at night. What makes Vacos enticing is its smart PIR and AI human detection feature. The algorithm is designed to offer you convenience, and make your experience smooth. And with local and cloud storage you will be unstoppable as a homeowner.

With 2-way audio, you can talk to the delivery man or the house carer and even your babies! Plus, with a 6,700 mAh rechargeable battery, you can expect it to last a long time. Talk to your babies all day long! And the fact that this is a wireless camera makes it even better. Just for reference, here’s our take on whether wireless cameras are even worth it.

2. Conico Indoor Camera

Next up is Conico, one of the best security cameras out there at this price. It is safe to say that just because Conico is on the lower price level, doesn’t mean that it compromises quality and features. 

Backed by a 1080P HD camera, now you can view live footage of your house in real-time. It offers crisp video coverage, and thanks to this you will be able to view almost everything that the camera does. This is backed by 8*Zoom, which means that you can easily zoom in and out without expecting the image quality to reduce.

Furthermore, it has a 24/7 live streaming facility, and don’t worry, all of your videos are safe and secure. With local and cloud storage you can expect everything to be right where you want it to be. 

3. Blurams Security Camera Outdoor Pro

When it comes to resisting the outside world, Blurams takes the cake. This security camera is designed to withstand mother nature. The weatherproof facility will prevent it from losing quality any time soon.

Also, with smart detection and facial recognition features, you can view anything that moves in plain sight. Be it an object, an animal, or even a human! You will instantly receive notifications on your device whenever motion detection begins to work.

It also has 3D noise reduction that cancels clutter to offer you clear sound quality so that you only hear what you need to hear. In case an intruder is trying to enter your home, the security camera will manually send off a warning to let them know who they are dealing with.

With Starlight Night Vision, even in the darkest of nights this security camera will work wonders. And since it has local and cloud storage all the recordings will be stored for you to check them later in case you want to.

4. REOLINK Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Available in a black, crisp color REOLINK Wireless Security Camera is up for grabs. It is powered by a 5,200 high-capacity rechargeable battery that is designed to outlast most security cameras.

With smart PIR motion detection and instant alerts, you can upgrade your home security and since this detection system is sensitive it will instantly let you know in case there it records something that is out of the ordinary. Motion videos are recorded to SD card or Reolink card.

Along with simple and convenient installation, you can enjoy 1080p Full HD videos and night vision up to 33 feet. And all of this will be available thanks to local SD and cloud storage facilities.

5. Blurams Camera for Home Security

We have another security camera by Blurams for you. This one has 1080p image quality up for grabs. Not only this, but the security camera has two-way audio through which you can talk to your family and let them hear you. You can also send voice commands through the live stream feature.

Thanks to AI facial recognition and smart detection, you can now create your own database of familiar faces. In case there is a stranger who is not present in the database, the instant alert feature will let you know promptly. Also, it is pretty easy to set up this security camera system. It’s designed this way, especially for homeowners.

Backed by local and cloud storage, your data is now protected and safely secured. And with the smart integration feature, you can command the security camera system to view any of its cams.

How To Choose The Best Security Cameras with Local and Cloud Storage

Security cameras exist to offer homeowners protection. If the cameras do not meet the standards, then they’re pretty much useless. As a buyer, you need to know what an ideal security camera looks like and what its features should be.

That’s why we bring you our buying guide. This section will enhance your buying experience. It will also bring you clarity when it comes to choosing the best product out there. Read till the end to find out how the best security camera should be like.

Swift Motion Detection

In this day and age, what you want is fast motion detection. Why, though? Simply put, burglars and intruders are smarter and wiser now. They are equipped to deal with low-end security camera systems. 

That’s why you need to have a security camera with swift motion detection. A camera that hesitates or takes time to detect just doesn’t meet our cut. However, your WiFi connection needs to be strong and stable as well. This will enhance the motion detection feature of your security camera.

An ideal security camera will instantly detect anything or anyone that is not supposed to be there in the environment. Moreover, an ideal security camera will not annoy you every few minutes by showing pictures of squirrels or leaves. What you want is a smart and quick motion detection feature. 

Upgraded Smartphone Application

The best security system out there will always have an application that supplements its features. These days, though, all security cameras come up with their applications. But how good and helpful is that application? This is the question you need to ask as a buyer.

Furthermore, the application should always enhance your home security experience. It should never hinder you from seeing what’s happening in your house by sending annoying notifications or being slow. 

You, as a parent, need to check on your children and ensure their safety. An application should let you know, with just a few clicks, where they are. 

Two-way audio

This feature is somewhat new when we talk about home security cameras. Two-way audio is designed to offer you instant communication. It assists you in relaying messages promptly, in case you need to talk about something important with your family. Or perhaps you’re just checking on them to make sure they are doing alright.

Manufacturers understand that being outside is not easy. You’re constantly stressed about the safety and security of your family. Thanks to two-way audio you can now talk to them whenever you want. Instead of relying just on the footage, you can actually wish them good night or comfort them with your voice at any time of the day or night.

Your security camera should have crisp two-way audio. It should relay your voice exactly how it is and without a delay. Because delays can ruin the experience and distort your voice completely. 

Crisp Video Resolution

When we talk about video resolution, you will easily find multiple security cameras out there that grant 1080p video resolution. But here’s the catch: do they provide 1080p video quality at all times? 

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Most security cameras are able to provide 1080p video resolution under optimal conditions like when your WiFi is working at its best or when the conditions are just how the camera wants.

Ideally, conditions will sometimes miss their mark. So as a buyer, you need to be cautious when it comes to video resolution. Because at the end of the day it all boils down to how visible the video is. If you can’t see what the camera is showing clearly then that camera is basically useless.

Even if the video resolution is, let’s say 720P it’s not a big problem if the camera has a flexible resolution. So you’re looking for a security camera with fluid or flexible video resolution. 

Night Vision

Another fantastic feature that most security cameras have is night vision. We think night vision makes your experience supreme. Night vision is extremely important in almost all areas. Because at night, homeowners become a little relaxed. They think they’re at home so intruders are most likely to stay away but the reality is different.

Night vision will allow you to ramp up your home security. Now, with just a click you can witness what’s happening outside. On a humorous note, you may also catch animals running around that you don’t always see when it’s daytime!


Are security cameras with local and cloud storage expensive?

Unfortunately, there is no short answer to this question. The answer mainly depends on you, as a homeowner and buyer. When buying equipment like security systems, you should ideally have a few things in your head. Do you feel like paying upfront? Or do you want to choose the monthly subscription payment option?
What about other features like two-way audio, or high-resolution image quality? Obviously, as you keep adding features the price will keep going up. 

What am I supposed to look for in a security camera?

Ideally, you should think about the features you want in your security camera beforehand. Is your area usually dark at night? What about the streetlights? If it is dark, you might want to invest in a security camera with night vision. 
What about the image quality? Do you want to communicate with your family as you go about your day? Then you should look for a security camera with two-way audio.
As implied, brainstorm a little and decide the features that you want. We understand how confusing this question can be for buyers.

Why Should I Consider Local and Cloud Storage?

Well, local and cloud storage is like cheese on a burger. You can eat a burger without cheese, but it won’t be tasty. Jokes apart, local and cloud storage supplement the security camera. Thanks to them you can access data that is stored conveniently. 
Let’s say you were busy with your work and you missed out on today’s live footage. Later, when you have time you can check out the recorded footage from local and cloud storage. Also, you will have complete control over authorization. This means you can keep a check on who can see the stored data and who can’t.

What price is ideal for a good security camera?

Well, to be honest, we can’t answer that for you. But we can make your job easier. The price depends on the company, the manufacturer, the features, the model, and the accessories. What you should do, as a buyer, is to go over these products and develop a sense of what price range seems okay to you.
We know you’re not looking for expensive security cameras out there. But, hear us out when we say that when it comes to home security you really don’t want to go for cheap security cameras. This price factor could make the difference. These small features are very useful, and manufacturers have added them keeping in mind that homeowners want the best for their families.